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1.   This is my favorite picture that I took this year. It is from the state fair field trip with the King BMX group. It’s my favorite because I am a big fan of BMX and just the way the people are lined up on top of the ramp is very interesting. Also he is in mid-trick and the moment is very cool.

   When i took this picture I used a slow shutter speed and took many pictures in quick seccesion. Then I just picked the best one that was clear and was at the best moment.

2. One of my favorite photographers is Brad Mangin. He is a sportsphotographer who mostly photographs baseball. I like his photos because he catches a lot of emotion that happens during a baseball game that people may not see. I also like how he uses his iphone to take awesome photos. He works in San Francisco and does assignments for Sports Illustrated. Recently he realeased a book showing pictures of the San Francisco Giant 2010 championship season called, “Worth the Wait”.

3. The most valuable thing I learned in class this year was from Bill Cunnigham when he said that a camera is just like a pen and paper. That was something I had never heard anyone compare.




This is possibly, the best photoset you will lay your eyes on.

(Second gif is the view of the other recorder) 

He’s wearing Vibrams! That just makes this that much cooler

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Graphic design

Graphic design


1. The womens rights stuff from early this month

Photography Field Trip

  My favorite part of the field trip was the newseum. I enjoyed everything in there, especialy the FBI area and the Pulitzer prize display. The FBI part was cool because of all the actual evidence and stuff they had from different cases. It was also interesting that they had actual parts of the engine to a plane from 9/11. The Pulitzer prize was my absolute favorite because all the pictures were very interesting even if they were mostly about death.

Some criteria to be awarded a pulitzer prize is that it must be published in something. Also you must include a $50 entry fee. Entries must fit in at least one of the specific prize categories, and cannot simply gain entrance on the grounds of having general literary or compositional properties.

Thursday Notes on Fieldtrip

  • Portait: A likeness or image of a person that is created by an artists.
  • Image: A Picture of something or someone
  • Sitter: The person or people who are in a portrait.
  • Symbol: Objects, charecters, or other representation of ideas, concepts, or events.
  • Museum Label: A written expaination of an artwork found next to the artwork.